The HQPulse is a cloud based solution that empowers hospitals to automate, archive, analyze - Quality/Patient Safety process and data. Provided by Synnefx.

Assessment Process

Quality departments manage several assessments (NABH/JCI/ACHSI). HQPulse is capable of listing these gaps/NCs, details of action plans and provide status of each NC/Gap for each assessment.

Quality Indicators

The Quality department collects, tracks and analyses various QI/PI from various departments. The collected indices can be recorded as percentages, ratios or numbers and later made available for trending.


The hospital conducts several types of audits and inspections (e.g. Case sheet audit) which may be done against a pre-fixed template or can be open ended, where the observation/finding is recorded by the person conducting inspection.

Incident Reports

Incident reports from all units of the hospitals are reported to quality department. Each report is analysed at appropriate levels and corrective action is taken and documented.

Designed for flexibility

The product is user friendly, intuitive and has a simple user interface.

Offers modularized, customizable, cloud based solution aligning to NABH standard.

Amazingly intuitive

Customizable modules that are easily expandable to new standards and processes.

Supports an account based system where there can be one or more hospitals in an account.

Unending options

Lets the Quality department collect, track and analyse various QI and PI from various departments

Manage actions and deficiencies using Assessment Manager.

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